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What is this site? is a free directory of gaming websites which ranks websites by the amount of votes we receive from visitors. Website owners can upon joining our site add a small button or text link to their website by which their visitors can place a vote for the website, therefore improving its rankings on

Is it free to join
Yes, it's completely free. We don't and never will ask website owners to pay any kind of fee to join our list.

Do you offer premium placements for websites?
No. Our goal is to offer the same chance for all webmasters, therefore no paid, sponsored or premium site listings are accepted.

I lost my password. What do I do?
Use the "Lost password" link in the top menu of our site.

I "lost" my email. What do I do?
If you still remember your password you can use the "Edit your listing" link in the top menu of our site, and change your email there.

I forgot both my email and password. What now?
We frequently receive fake requests to change member emails or passwords and typically it's ignored. Unless you can without any doubt prove you indeed own the website in question, the best course of action for you is to simply join the toplist again and change the link code on your website.

I posted a review of my own website but it did not get accepted. Why?
You posted a review of your own website. Only objective reviews and those that offer some value to other readers are accepted. Blank reviews and other spam is systematically deleted.

If you have any other questions send an email to: a d m i n [ @ ] g a m e s i t e g u i d e . c o m

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