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Final Fantasy games typically have several types of screens (modes of interaction) that are broadly categorized by function. Screens are accessed either by the player's actions or by the game due to specific events or requirements. Such screens include: field screens, battle screens, world screens, menu screens, cutscenes, and minigames. The player normally controls the character interaction with the environment via Field, Battle, and World screens; minigames are sometimes used for this as well.

Final Fantasy series:

* Final Fantasy is first title in the series and was released in Japan in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was later released in the United States in 1990.[17] The story focuses on four youths called the "Light Warriors", who each carry one of their world's elemental orbs, which have been darkened by four Elemental Fiends. Final Fantasy introduced many new concepts to the console RPG genre.[5]
* Final Fantasy II was originally released on the Famicom in Japan in 1988.[18] The story centers on four youths whose parents were killed during an army invasion. The youths join a resistance to end the invasion leader's war. Final Fantasy II was the first game to introduce Chocobos.[5]
* Final Fantasy III was released on the Famicom in Japan in 1990.[19] The plot focuses on four orphaned youths who come across a crystal, which grants them a portion of its power then instructs them to go forth and restore balance to the world. It was the first game to implement a Job System and introduce Moogles.[5]
* Final Fantasy IV was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan and the United States in 1991, though it was originally released in the US as Final Fantasy II.[20] The story centers on a Dark Knight from the kingdom of Baron and his journey to save the world from the evil Golbez.[21]
* Final Fantasy V was released on the SNES in Japan in 1992.[22] The story focuses on a wanderer named Bartz and his party as they prevent the resurgence of Exdeath. It features an expanded version of the Job System from Final Fantasy III.
* Final Fantasy VI was released on the SNES in 1994,[23] but it was released in North America under the title Final Fantasy III.[23] The plot centers on a group of rebels as they seek to overthrow an imperial dictatorship. It has more battle customization options than its predecessors and has the largest playable cast in the Final Fantasy series to date.
* Final Fantasy VII was released on the PlayStation in 1997 and was the first title to be officially released in Europe. Its North American release also retained its original name.[24] The story centers on a group of adventurers as they battle a powerful mega corporation. Final Fantasy VII was the first to use 3D computer graphics, featuring fully polygonal characters on pre-rendered backgrounds.
* Final Fantasy VIII was released on the PlayStation in 1999.[25] The plot focuses on a group of young mercenaries who are drawn into an international conflict, and they seek to protect the world from a sorceress manipulating this war for her own purposes. It was the first game in the series to consistently use realistically proportioned characters, and it was the first to feature a vocal piece as its theme music.
* Final Fantasy IX was released on the PlayStation in 2000.[26] The story focuses on a war between several nations, sparked by an ambitious queen. The game was a return to the series' roots, with a more traditional fantasy setting and allusions to previous games.
* Final Fantasy X was released on the PlayStation 2 in 2001.[27] The plot is set in Spira and centers around a group of adventurers and their quest to defeat a rampaging force known as "Sin". It marked the series' transition from pre-rendered backdrops to fully three-dimensional areas. Final Fantasy X also introduced voice acting and was the first to spawn a direct sequel (Final Fantasy X-2).
* Final Fantasy XI was the series' first MMORPG and was released in 2002.[28] The story is set in Vana'diel, where various tasks can be performed to improve a character's powers or to complete quests. There are also numerous sub-plots and stories that players can experience while playing hundreds of available quests. The game allows a certain amount of character customization. It also introduced real-time battles without randomly-encountered enemies.
* Final Fantasy XII was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2006.[29] The game takes place in the fictional location called Ivalice, where the empires of Archadia and Rozarria are waging an endless war. It introduced several innovations to the series: battles occur without a transition to a separate screen; a "gambit" system automatically controls the actions of characters; and a "license" system determines which abilities and equipment are used by characters.
* Final Fantasy XIII is the latest title and is currently in development.


Final Fantasy Hacks

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