What’s New in Guild Wars 2

With the imminent release of Guild Wars 2 next week and the headstart in just a few days, many players are interested in learning more about this exciting new sequel to the second most popular MMORPG of all times. Guild Wars 2 (GW2) has seen many changes and improvements and players who enjoyed the original Guild Wars and its numerous expansions will feel right at home. However, much has been changed and improved.

In GW2 we’re seeing many game mechanics changed, and most of them in a good way. While some things have remained the same, these new additions and improvements ensure that this game feels like a proper sequel to an excellent game, and not just another expansion. First of all the graphics have been improved significantly, which is the first thing everyone will probably notice. Furthermore, the professions (class system) now includes Guardian, Engineer and Thief classes, while Ritualist, Paragon, Monk, Assassin and Dervish classes are gone.

GW2 Ebon Armor Wallpaper

Some other systems have received changes as well, such as PvP (player versus player), skills and abilities, races, crafting disciplines, combat and more. ArenaNet is poised to make Guild Wars 2 set higher standards for the genre, and since player expectations and their demands are always rising I’m hoping they will succeed. From what I’ve seen so far GW2 is definitely a much improved game than the prequel and there’s no reason not to play it. Not having a monthly subscription fee already makes it more accessible than most other MMORPGs on the market currently.

Judging by several early reviews I read so far that are coming from beta testers and open beta weekends, most players are eagerly anticipating this game and did like many of its new features. The continuous updates with new content as we’ve witnessed with Guild Wars will continue to come in Guild Wars 2 as well, and the game is bound to also have several expansions in the next few years as well, making sure to keep players engaged as long as possible. That of course is the goal of every game developer out there, but if there’s any that can do it then it’s definitely ArenaNet. They have plenty of experience and resources, a loyal and supportive fan base and a great product on their hands that will certainly keep us entertained for years to come.

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