Crysis 2 Strategy Guides Released

Crysis 2, the highly anticipated FPS game is finally out. It’s been getting amazingly good reviews, and of course sales. Being such a popular game someone of course had to also release a strategy guide for it. Obviously I’m not talking about the official guides by Bradygames or Primagames or whatever they’re called, but rather [...]

Crysis Warhead Coming This Fall

Built by Crytek’s Budapest studio atop an optimized version of the CryEngine 2 technology, Crysis Warhead sees players squeezing into the nanosuit of…

Crysis 1.2 patch soon

Patch 1.2 for Crysis has been in development for quite some time now and Crytek seems pretty satisfied with its progress. They say it’s nearly finished from content point of view. Read below to see what goodies will the upcoming 1.2 patch for Crysis bring! Patch 1.2 – Bug Fixes & Features Introduction In every [...]

Crysis 1.1 patch released

Crytek has finally released a patch for Crysis. Check out what issued The Crysis 1.1 Patch fixed: Fixes: *Fixed: Potential crash in D3D10 *Fixed: Orange boxes apearing when hispec savegame loaded into lowspec game. *Fixed: Inconsistent damage dealt to vehicles when shot by LAW. *Fixed: Reflection resolution on D3D10, MultiGPU reflection update fix *Fixed: Memory [...]

Crysis weird physics explosions

What kind of explosion requires no firepower? An explosion of items! Although Crysis has some really amazing physics, these boxes seem to explode in a weird way you’ve never seen before. [youtube:] Also check this stunning 3000 barrels exploding! Absolutely amazing. [youtube:]