Age of Conan Subscribers Below 100k

We all had high hopes for Age of Conan, but it appears the downfall is imminent, if not already present. After the rather high amount of 700,000 subscribers in the first few months following the game’s release, the subscriber count is now down to less than 100,000.

Age of Conan Assassin Guide

If you’re still behind other players in Age of Conan, having trouble making gold or loosing in PvP – no, you didn’t pick the wrong class. You just need some guidance, that’s all. Fortunately, Killerguides released yet another Age of Conan guide. They had great success and positive feedback about the Age of Conan Demonologist [...]

Age of Conan Demonologist Guide

After the recent huge success of the Age of Conan Strategy Guide, released yet another great guide, this one for Demonologist class. There’s even more guides planned for the future, but lets check what this one offers: How to level up to 80 in less than a week and still have time for real [...]

Ganking in Age of Conan – With a Mount!

This takes ganking in to a whole new level!

Age of Conan Leveling & Strategy Guide

Everything seems difficult and you are wondering how others are ahead of you. If you are looking for better approaches and strategies to play Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, check out this guide!