Star Trek Online Ships

star-trek-online-logoI’ve been following news about Star Trek Online (STO) lately and as the game is getting closer to its release (February 2) there’s more and more information available about the game. One of the most interesting things, at least for me, are the available ships.

Even though info about Klingon ships is still hard to find, there’s plenty of info to be found about most other ships. Basically, ships in STO fall into three main categories:

  • Escort ships: fast and maneuverable with strong weapons
  • Science ships: moderate in weapons, shields and crew but excellent buffs/debuffs (basically a support vessel)
  • Cruiser ships: the biggest ships with a lot of power, crew and weapons, but slower than others

You could easily compare ships to classic archetypes found in other games: tank, dps and healer, even though it may be a bit more complicated.

I also did a bit of research on character progression in Star Trek Online and apparently there’s no levels or leveling, or at least in STO it’s called differently. There are five main player ranks and each of those has ten subranks, and if you do the math it would mean there’s 50 levels in the game. Whether it will impact the need for leveling guides is yet to be seen… or is it ranking guides?

All in all, Star Trek Online appears to be an average MMORPG game with its various pros and cons, and while it probably won’t keep you glued to your pc for years it should offer a few months of entertainment and excitement.

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