Learning Battlefield 3

I’ve been a Call of Duty fan for too many years, but the recent couple of releases have been huge disappointments for me, and I expect the same from Modern Warfare 3 as well. Even though I for some reason pre-ordered it, from what I’ve seen so far the game doesn’t offer absolutely anything new, and while I’m unsure of this, I suppose the single-player campaign will again be just a few hours of gameplay; hell, even the trailers are crap.

Never having played Battlefield before, I found myself a bit lost with the newest release, Battlefield 3. While these two games are often compared and it’s not a secret they are huge rivals, I definitely didn’t expect Battlefield to be so much fun. The 64-player online battles are a big rush and it’s definitely the top thing that keeps me going. However, I find it annoying that some players have far less understanding of the basic game principles than myself, and I’m definitely a BF3 noob.

I do suggest to everyone to fire up your browser and google some guides for this game. There is some content available and will tell you a thing or two about weapons, classes, vehicles and such which every player should be familiar with (yet isn’t). There’s also some guides and forum topics you can find which talk about teamplay and group tactics, and that’s the main difference between CoD and BF: playing alone in Battlefield will not win you games, won’t get you kills and won’t contribute to your team. I’m guilty of soloing as well, but I am trying to learn better ways. There’s also some paid guides, of which Relik’s guide seems to be the best. You don’t necessarily have to pay for it, but it’s definitely worth it.

Simply put I’m not having fun in Battlefield 3 when I’m losing one game after another. Winning is definitely much better, and if there’s anything I can do to help my team I most certainly will try, and you should do the same.

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