Is SWTOR Dying?

Star Wars: The Old Republic was very likely the most hyped up game that got released in the past few years. I’ve seen my fair of fail MMORPGs, and I feel as SWTOR might deserve a spot amongst those. Even though I feel the game isn’t nearly as bad as some of the releases over the past few years, it still didn’t manage to keep nearly as many players as I expected.

With over 1.5 million players trying the game at launch, only a few hundred thousand are left playing, and possibly even less. Bioware didn’t reveal any exact numbers, but the server merges and talks of going free-to-play tell us the situation certainly isn’t too good. With the recent release of Diablo III, TERA and upcoming Guild Wars 2, the loss of players isn’t all that unexpected. Even though The Old Republic is still getting updates with new content, it’s just not enough to meet player’s ever-growing demands.

The biggest problem players have had with SWTOR is the lack of endgame content. Leveling another class just to see the storyline gets boring fairly soon, and end game flashpoints just don’t cut it. The lack of it already made a ton of players quite this game, and assuming the development costs of the game were over $100 million (which is very likely), it’s hard to make a profit with fairly low player numbers. Whether or not the switch to free to play model can help save this game in the long run it unclear, as is the date at which the F2P model might happen. As long as there are well over 100,000 players subscribed, it’s unlikely the game will switch from a subscription model so if you’re waiting for that to happen, you might have to wait for quite awhile.

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