Disciples 3 Renaissance Hotkeys

Disciples 3 Renaissance

I recently started playing Disciples 3 and while I found the game entertaining there’s a lot of quirks that annoy me. One of them  are definitely key bindings, which are almost non-existant. Unfortunately there’s no Quick Save/Load, no hotkeys for moving, switching units, buildings or anything. The most I could find are listed below:

  • Esc – menu.
  • F1 – video lessons.
  • F9 – save a screenshot (in your DisciplesIII install folder, shot_xxxx.tga);
  • Space – complete the turn (at the tactical arena – protection).
  • WASD – move the camera.
  • Up arrow – rotate the camera on the “north”.
  • Ctrl – analogue clicking the mouse wheel.
  • Alt – highlight active objects and loot.
  • Page Dn/Up – Zoom Up/Down.
  • RMB – a window of information about any object or character (press and hold).
  • Shift + RMB – leaves open the window “Information about the character / unit”.(on the window button appears on the “Close”).
  • Arrows to the left / right – turn the camera to the left / right.
  • Wheel Mouse – camera control (rotation – bring / remove, with the click wheel you can rotate the camera).
  • Alt + F4 – Quick finish game and exit desktop (even in combat). ;)

Hopefully there will be some kind of a patch soon which will enable additional hotkeys and mapping.

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