Deus Ex 3 Coming

Finally, the long-awaited return of the world’s favourite nano-augmented RPG-shooter Deus Ex is announced. It’s being developed by Eidos Montreal (Eidos still exists?).

Deus Ex 2 was a failure, no doubt about it, however Eidos agreed the game was sub-par at best and they are trying to correct some of the previous mistakes.. So far, Deus Ex 3 looks very promising:

  • combat won’t be influenced by stats, but will rely purely on your personal marksmanship skills
  • stats will influence “a vast array of fully upgradeable and customisable weapons”
  • stealth will now rely on a cover system rather than shadows, and damage will be dealt with by a very Call of Duty-style auto-heal
  • Augmentations have been bumped up and sound fantastic. 20 have been promised for the final game, ranging from ‘bungee jump’ tentacles that shoot from your back and anchor to a wall when you jump off a building, and the ability to punch through walls to grab enemies in neighbouring rooms.

With a story penned by the original writer, Sheldon Pacotti, we’ll step into the role of private security officer, Adam Jensen. According to CVG, Jensen works “at a technology lab specialising in biomechanical augmentations, a forerunner to the sort of nanotechnology shown in the original Deus Ex. One day the path of his life is unexpectedly altered as a team of black ops commandos break into his company’s HQ, and using a security plan from Jensen’s own hand, a mass slaughter ensues and the conspiracy begins.”

Just a quick note: the story is set in year 2027 and is a prequel to the original Deus Ex.

There’s no official screenshots yet, but judging by the early reports the game looks awesome. Keep your fingers crossed!

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