Crysis 2 Strategy Guides Released

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Crysis 2, the highly anticipated FPS game is finally out. It’s been getting amazingly good reviews, and of course sales. Being such a popular game someone of course had to also release a strategy guide for it. Obviously I’m not talking about the official guides by Bradygames or Primagames or whatever they’re called, but rather a quality player-made strategy guide that actually does help you improve and get better.

Crysis 2 NanosuitIt’s called Zobias guide and there’s already several reviews you can find about it. The guide consists of many different chapters, but most of them didn’t interest me, despite being useful. The ones that were most helpful for me were about nanosuits, weapons, and the best one talked about all available multiplayer maps and how you can gain an advantage on certain locations.

Overall I did see an improvement in my gameplay after reading this Crysis strategy guide and remembering the tips and tricks I read in it wasn’t hard, despite there being many of them. If you want to read the guide check out this post about Crysis 2 strategy guides which has a more detailed review of it listing all contents and features.

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Comment by Halodude
2011-05-04 16:41:37

So…can you provide a download link to it then?

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