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What’s New in Guild Wars 2

With the imminent release of Guild Wars 2 next week and the headstart in just a few days, many players are interested in learning more about this exciting new sequel to the second most popular MMORPG of all times. Guild Wars 2 (GW2) has seen many changes and improvements and players who enjoyed the original [...]

Is SWTOR Dying?

Star Wars: The Old Republic was very likely the most hyped up game that got released in the past few years. I’ve seen my fair of fail MMORPGs, and I feel as SWTOR might deserve a spot amongst those. Even though I feel the game isn’t nearly as bad as some of the releases over [...]

Is Diablo 3 an MMORPG?

Over the past few days there’s been a wealth of information released about Blizzard‘s upcoming title Diablo III, and lately many people have been asking whether this game is an MMORPG or not. Well, the answer is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no. While in a traditional sense Diablo 3 is [...]

Disciples 3 Renaissance Hotkeys

I recently started playing Disciples 3 and while I found the game entertaining there’s a lot of quirks that annoy me. One of themĀ  are definitely key bindings, which are almost non-existant. Unfortunately there’s no Quick Save/Load, no hotkeys for moving, switching units, buildings or anything. The most I could find are listed below: Esc [...]

Star Trek Online Ships

I’ve been following news about Star Trek Online (STO) lately and as the game is getting closer to its release (February 2) there’s more and more information available about the game. One of the most interesting things, at least for me, are the available ships. Even though info about Klingon ships is still hard to [...]