Barbarian in Diablo 3 – Class Overview

The Barbarian is one of the most impressive classes of Diablo 3 and has quite a following among the franchise’s loyal fans. This leveling guide will briefly dwell on the various features and attributes of this class in addition to throwing light on those skills that make leveling all the way up to level cap (60) an easier affair. If you have chosen the Barbarian then you certainly have the right means to level till the end in quick time.

Barbarian Class Overview

You can guess most of the Barbarian’s attributes and strengths the moment you take a look at him/her in the class selection screen. This class’s beings are huge and enormously muscled; ready for a fight at any given time. Diablo 3 allows you to choose either a male or female version of the Barbarian. This is a nice addition from Blizzard as it gives a greater degree of customization options to the players. As to the class’ origin, Barbarians were born with only one objective in life and that was to protect Mount Arreat. But once it fell, their protectors turned into aimless wanderers who were constantly looking for a worthy life purpose.

Barbarian Strengths

Barbarian Leveling Guide

If there is one word that can be used to describe Barbarians then it would be strength. Their massive power is also useful in fortifying their armor and exponentially raises the magnitude of the damage they inflict upon their enemies. As a player, it would be a good decision to stack up on as much strength as possible when picking up appropriate Diablo 3 gear. Doing so will almost ensure that you annihilate your enemies completely.
The Barbarian is also highly skilled in close ranged combat. On the battlefield, their immense power is responsible for flat-lining all enemies. The combination of massive strength, powerful armor and destructive weapons causes enormous enemy casualties in no time.

Barbarian Main Resource – Fury

In a departure from Diablo 2, where the main resource for the Barbarian was mana, Fury is the main resource of the Barbarian in Diablo 3. Fury enables the Barbarian to give shape to some of the most deadly and devastating attacks. All of the Barbarian’s abilities are centered on the level of Fury present. Fury can be regenerated in two ways, either through sustaining damage or inflicting the same on enemies.

Due to this reason, the Barbarian class has the benefit of quickly moving from one enemy group to the other. This is another reason why this class is preferred by those players who are looking for a quick leveling in Diablo 3. Their method of Fury generation, strong and huge armor and enormous destructive ability are all fantastic assets if one is looking to powerlevel in a rather quick time span.

Barbarian Armour & Weapons

One of the weaknesses of the Barbarian class is its vulnerability to damage during close ranged combat. This puts an ever bigger onus on the body armor and at the moment, it is expected that the armor on Barbarians will be made from simple leather in the initial levels. This will progressively graduate to helms and plate based ones before finally going to the complete head-to-toe armour. The last one will be capable of absorbing large amounts of damage from the enemy.

Barbarians will be able to wield both one and two handed weapons. While the one handed mighty weapons will have slower swings, their impact will be larger. Contrastingly, two handed weapons can be swung faster but will inflict lesser damage. Additionally, Barbarians can also use mighty belts as part of their equipment.

Due to this rich combination of strength, weaponry, armor and resource, the Barbarian class is highly recommended to those players who are looking to work their way up to the 60th level in quick time.

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