Age of Conan Assassin Guide

If you’re still behind other players in Age of Conan, having trouble making gold or loosing in PvP – no, you didn’t pick the wrong class. You just need some guidance, that’s all.

Fortunately, Killerguides released yet another Age of Conan guide. They had great success and positive feedback about the Age of Conan Demonologist guide, and decided it was time to write another awesome guide, this one about Assassins.

Even though the guide is written simple and easy to understand, there’s a lot to learn from it even for more experienced players. Check out the summary below:

  • How to reach level 80 in a week with a zone-by-zone leveling guide – the generic Age of Conan Strategy & Leveling guide has some awesome leveling tips, but it doesn’t go into detail nearly as much as this Assassin guide. There’s plenty of assassin-specific tips which will surely satisfy all your demands.
  • Discover insider tips to earning mountains of gold the fast way – if you’re only interested in making gold in Age of Conan, I recommend this guide since it goes much more into detail and has some stuff which 99% of players never heard or thought about. But for a lot of basic tips, and some advanced strategies this chapter is worth the read.
  • Get geared up with the best featured equipment from levels 1 through 80 – again, the Age of Conan Strategy guide doesn’t have it covered in such detail, so if you want to have every single piece of equipment on “paper”, get the Assassin guide.
  • Take advantage of the in-depth analysis of every skill and feat and never again waste gold on respecs – if you’re bad at math, this guide will do all the work for you. Find out exactly which ability is the best and which feats to choose to improve it.
  • Get hold of class specific PvP strategies that will rip your opponents into tiny pieces – the assassin is one of the strongest classes in Age of Conan, perhaps even the strongest. If you can’t shred your enemies to pieces, you’re doing something wrong. There’s more than enough step-by-step strategies on how to beat every class in AoC, and if you follow the guidelines and know the right weaknesses winning is guaranteed.

The Unofficial Age of Conan Assassin Guide is available for download 24/7 and is the definitive source for all your needs. It of course includes free updates, so if there’s anything changed in the next patches the guide will be updated as soon as possible.

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Comment by Lloyd
2011-02-16 02:53:59

This is a good game :) ), combat is very Unique and Very Fun, the quest storyline is one of the BEST!~ Alot of Mature Nice Players. I would really recommend this game.

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