25 Tips to Get You Out of Elo Hell in League of Legends

If you didn’t manage to accomplish your goals in season 2, now is the best time to start fresh and try to achieve a higher rating. With rating reset imminent, you might want to up your game and try to do better.

This is the first League of Legends guide I ever wrote, and it features 25 tips and tricks that I feel are most important for increasing your Elo. Here’s what it includes:

  1. You don’t know everything. Talks about how you always need to be open to new things.
  2. Staying calm. Playing angry and flaming your team doesn’t help.
  3. Don’t feed. Rather than scoring kills, you should focus on farming, map objectives and team fights.
  4. Learning different champion roles. Why it’s important to be able to play as any role: better to let someone else plays your main role than force them into something that are bad at.
  5. Learning supports. Talks about how and why you should pick supports as well. You can still carry yourself out of elo hell if you do it right.
  6. Knowing buff/dragon/baron timers. And how to make the most of it.
  7. Pinging targets in teamfights. Easy trick to help your team focus down the right targets.
  8. Always call MIAs. Basically it doesn’t take any effort and may help save someone’s life.
  9. Lasthitting and farming. Importance of farming properly and knowing how to CS.
  10. Freezing and shoving lanes. How, when and why to do it.
  11. Buying wards. Basic stuff yet a lot of players still don’t do it.
  12. Adapting item builds. Your items should always reflect your opponent’s builds.
  13. Killstealing. You should worry about winning games, not your KDA ratios.
  14. Playing passively. Farming, taking turrets, other objectives and playing defensively is safer than always aggressively going for kills.
  15. Team fighting. Why split-pushing and otherwise not playing as a group doesn’t work.
  16. Taking objectives. Prioritizing baron/dragon/towers over kills.
  17. Giving up. Player’s perception over gold leads or deficits can be wrong. Never surrender before at least one 5v5 teamfight.
  18. Helping your junglers. Basically, leash and protect from invades. Don’t expect your jungler to help you in lane if you can’t take a few seconds to assist him.
  19. Blaming junglers. Everyone always blames junglers. If you failed in lane, learn to take responsibility.
  20. Being ready for teamfights. Make sure you heal and buy items whenever possible and be prepared to teamfight when necessary. Watch out for counter-pushing or baron on enemy team respawns.
  21. Using locked camera. It hinders your vision and makes positioning in team fights or dodging skill shots much harder.
  22. Watching streams. How analyzing other player’s games can help you understand their (and your own) decision making in games. Important for knowing when to take objectives etc.
  23. Learning counter-picks. Even if you play only a few champions on each lane you should at least know how not to counter-pick yourself.
  24. Team compositions. Not every team composition works well. Explains why it’s best to avoid poke or AoE comps in solo queue.
  25. Playing well consistently. You don’t always need to carry games, but you can’t increase Elo if you lose lane half of the time.

Obviously not everything is covered, but these 25 tips are in my opinion the most important ones if you intend to play better. Don’t forget to read the entire guide as it goes into far more detailed about each of these topics.

The whole point is that every single game you ever lost has only one thing in common: you! And that’s where you should focus your attention, on improving your own game mechanics, knowledge and decision making.

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