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Eve Online Butterfly Effect (Vid)

CCP Games released a video showcasing the essence of EVE, which is quite good and might even inspire you to try out the game… But if you’re having second thoughts, be sure to watch the following vid to remind yourself of what Eve is about: dull fights, boring mining and infinite researching:

First Darkfall Expansion Announced

Darkfall released on February 25th 2009. Since the launch, Darkfall’s development continued even harder than before. Several very large patches were released but these were mainly focused on optimizations, improvements, and fixes. Darkfall’s entire team and all the resources at our disposal are dedicated to development and we’re working to make Darkfall the best game [...]

Aion Strategy Guide

Aion is one of the recent additions in MMORPG gaming. It’s not a revolutionary game and doesn’t bring many innovations to the genre, but it’s well polished, interesting, bug-free and best of all, fun! Even though I may be a bit hard on it, it’s still an amazing game and from what I’ve seen it [...]